Black Business Feature

DrLadyQ Consulting

What do you want people to feel when they click on your website and begin learning about DrLadyQ consulting?

“When folks click my website, I want them to feel like they can connect with someone who has been in their shoes. I want them to know they have a mentor to assist them with navigating the journey into public health and demonstrating how to have a successful career. I want clients or mentees to feel empowered with knowledge and resources that will elevate them to the next level.”

What does it mean to be mentor?

To me being a mentor means to share my story about my career in hopes it will inspire someone else. Being a mentor means I have to share all the highs and lows of my journey that will help someone learn how to succeed. Being a mentor means I get the chance to learn from my mentees just as much as they can learn from me. Being a mentor is about guiding others to grow and elevate them to the next level that will help them achieve their personal and career goals. Being a mentor means to have a positive impact as a social change agent.

With over 15 years of public health experience, describe for us how you knew it was time to start your own business?

I really didn’t know it was time to start my own business. I just new I had to start…that’s it. I had to intention of becoming an entrepreneur and it was never a goal of mine. I knew I loved to mentor people and share my journey but did not think about turning mentorship into a business. Then the pandemic hit and suddenly I had a little more time on my hands to try something new. I had just graduated with my DrPH in 2019 and asked myself “now what”. What do I do with all this knowledge of public health I have obtained and continue to gain? After connecting with two women virtually (LaTonya Bynum and Dr. Charlotte Huntley), I was able to obtain some tips about starting a consulting business and took the leap of faith.